T2Red + T2Reflecta

Can any adhesive be used?

If the Aluminium sheet is pre-primed using T2Reflecta-P-FIX, then any underfloor heating compatible tile adhesive can be used.


In case of installation the T2Red+T2Reflecta-S-System it is particularly important that T2Reflecta adhesive-S is used to stick the tiles directly on the aluminum plate. Our warranty is conditional on the use of the Raychem Reflecta-Adhesive -S, as this has been developed to provide a high level of adhesion between aluminum and the tile.


T2Reflecta adhesive-S needs approximately 4 hours to set and can then be worked on again. Comment: the adhesive may not be used as a thin bedding mortar. It is an adhesive.

Must flexible adhesive/gap mortar always be used? What is the setting time?

T2Reflecta adhesive needs approximately 4 hours to set and can then be worked on again. Comment: the adhesive may not be used as a mortar for a thin bedding. It is an adhesive. T2Red+T2Reflecta FIX-System: T2Reflecta-Kleber A-Fix for gluing the Reflecta-plates on the sub floor has a drying time of approx. 24 hours at 20°C. T2Reflecta-P-FIX –primer needs 3 hours to be hardened at 20 °C. 

Installation in damp areas?

Yes, however it is not the ideal solution, because it requires a greater expenditure of energy. T2QuickNet is the ideal underfloor heating product for this.

Ambient or floor sensor?

The system can be controlled using a thermostat with a space or floor sensor or alternatively using an ambient sensor with a floor sensor as a limiter.

An ambient thermostat if energy saving is a priority, but the floor can remain partially cold.

In case temperature-sensitive floor-coverings like laminate or wood we recommend the use of a Raychem NRG thermostat with room sensing mode plus a floor sensor as a limiter. Maximum surface temperature for wooden floors is 26°C.

Where should the sensor be placed?

The sensor should be installed in the centre between two cables. The sensor can be installed in a plastic/Cu tube Ø 10-12 mm between two T2Reflecta plates. Wall spacing approximately 0.5 m. The laying however can also be carried out in a vacant heating cable slot.

I want to use the normal tile adhesives. What should I consider?

When using standard tile adhesives, the aluminum layer of the T2Reflecta plates must be protected against corrosion; especially when you use cement-based adhesives. Therefore it is necessary to prime the aluminum layer with the special primer T2Reflecta-P-Fix before placing the tiles. All flexible, cement-based tile adhesives or adhesive for natural stone can be used for placing ceramic tiles after curing of the primer.

Raychem underfloor heating systems have been tested and approved by the main European building material suppliers. 

Do I have to use a flexible adhesive/gap mortar? What is the curing time?

T2Reflecta adhesive-S needs approximately 4 hours to cure, before further work can be done.

Note: the adhesive can not be used as a mortar for thin bedding. It is an adhesive. The primer T2Reflecta P-Fix needs to cure for about 1,5 hours. The T2Reflecta Adhesive-A-Fix - a cost-efficient alternative for glueing the T2Reflecta-plates on the sub floor - cures in about 12 hours. For more information consult the technical data sheets from the documentation page.

T2Blue / T2QuickNet

How do I decide between T2Quicknet-90 or T2Quicknet-160?

If the sub floor is poorly insulated or if a fast heat-up or higher temperature is required then you should select T2Quicknet-160.  T2Quicknet-90 is the suitable underfloor heating product for longer operation time per day and well insulated sub floors. 

Can I shorten the cable?

No. The cable cannot be shortened or extended; only the net can be cut.

Can I cross the cable?

No. The cable must not be crossed and must not be installed closer than the minimum cable spacing; Overheating risk! 

Can I repair a damaged cable?

The repair of T2QuickNet is possible using a special repair kit available through your supplier.

Can T2Blue / T2Quicknet be installed under laminate or linoleum?

O. For laminate or linoleum floors T2Reflecta is the right underfloor heating system to avoid overheating risks.

Can I install T2QuickNet on wooden sub floor?

Yes, you can install T2QuickNet-90 direct on wooden floor. T2QuickNet-160 has to be installed on a self-levelling surface as an inter-layer on the wooden sub floor.

Lying under laminate or linoleum?

No, T2QuickNet may only be employed in a completely flat, enclosed material. T2Reflecta is the correct system for this application, as it is a self-regulating system.


What is the maximum area that can be controlled by one thermostat?

Raychem NRG have a maximum power load of 13 A.