Installation Information


T2Red + T2Reflecta

  • Heating cable can be cut to length. 
  • T2Red cable is easy to position and correctly spaced by the grooves in the T2Reflecta plates.
  • No filler needed: wooden or tile floor can be laid directly on top of the plates.
  • No glue or screws needed to fix the plates for wooden floors.


The T2Red heating cable is simply fixed in the grooves of the insulated T2Reflecta plates. Tile adhesive can be applied directly on top of the plates.

Installation Instructions

T2Red + T2Reflecta: Key installation steps for tile floors


Installation of plates

The Reflecta sheets may be glued to the underlying floor...


Installation of plates (screws)

...or screwed in, according to special instructions.


Installation of cable

The T2Red heating cable is placed in the already prepared grooves of the plate. The desired heat output is determined by how closely you lay out the loops of the cable.


Installation of tiles

Tiles are placed directly on top of the Reflecta plates, according to the instructions. Approximately 24 hours after joining the sheets, you may enjoy your nice warm floor.

Only T2Reflecta adhesive can be used to stick the tiles.

All electrical work must be performed by a authorized electrician.

In general it is to be ensured that only floor coverings which are suitable for floor heating are employed.