Installation Information



» Heating cable with pre-fabricated power cable.
» Ideal for complex floor layouts.
» Power output flexibility by varying the distance between heating cables.
» Suitable for laying in milled grooves in the screed / concrete without increasing the total height of the floor structure.


Installation Instructions

T2Blue-10: Key installation steps for the renovation of a building


Installation of heating cable

Attach the heating cable (e.g. use hot glue gun) on the clean floor. Apply a layer of adhesive primer.


Applying levelling compound

Carefully apply an even layer of levelling compound on top of the heating cable. Let it  cure according to the manufacturers' instructions.


Installation of tiles

Spread the tile adhesive and then lay out and join the tiles. In wet areas, apply a watertight coating before the tile adhesive.


Finished floor

Seal between tiles and walls with a silicon sealant. Allow the floor to cure completely before turning the underfloor heating system on.