How It Works

Many years ago, Raychem developed self-regulating heating cables. They automatically adjust their power output to compensate for the temperature changes. More heat is produced in colder areas and less heat is produced in warmer areas.

There is no risk of overheating which gives unlimited flexibility for moving furniture around!

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1. When ambient temperature drops --> More heat is produced

As the ambient temperature drops, the core contracts microscopically and the number of electrical paths through the core increases. More heat is produced.


2. When ambient temperature rises --> Less heat is produced

As the ambient temperature rises, the core expands and has fewer electrical paths. Less heat is produced.


3. At the certain temperature --> Power output is close to zero

At the certain temperature, almost all the electrical paths are disrupted and the power output is close to zero.

The advantages of self-regulating underfloor heating system 


During the day, the sun heats the floor next to the window

  • The cable will lower its heat output automatically
  • No risk of overheating

Near the door there is a cold draught

  • The cable senses the need for more heat and increases its heat output.

Under the carpet, there is less need for heat

  • The cable will sense this and lower it’s heat output accordingly
  • There is no risk of overheating or damage to the floor