What Makes It Superior

T2Red is a “Temperature Self-Regulating” heating cable, suitable for installation under various surface layers, it can automatically adjust the power output according to the ambient temperature, no risk of overheating. It can provide a more even heat distribution when accompanied with T2Reflecta insulation aluminium plate. It is an ideal household heating product, especially for installation in dining room, bedroom and children's room.


System Advantages

  • Warm and Comfortable: The entire room can be heat up quickly and temperature is evenly distributed.

  • Energy-Efficient: Heat goes upwards concentratedly, reducing heat loss, both energy-saving and environmental-friendly.

  • Easy Installation: The whole system adopts the installation of original factory components, heating effect is guaranteed.

  • Flexible Design: Suitable for installation in any shape and type of room, does not occupy any room space.


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Easy-to-install and suited for all floor types

Our various systems can be installed under all floor coverings - including temperature sensitive floor materials - like tiles, marble, wood, laminate or carpet, and directly on the existing floor (wood, concrete, tiles…).


Unique Self-Regulating Systems

Raychem offers unique self regulating systems (T2Red, T2Red & T2Reflecta) which are the safest solutions for all floor coverings, easiest to install and most energy efficient. The intelligent heating cable will only produce heat when and where it is needed.


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How to Install Tiles or Natural Stone on T2Red with T2Reflecta?

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How to Install Laminate or Wood on T2Red with T2Reflecta?

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